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Homeschool Portfolios: Add Some Photos and Fun!

You’re getting ready for a new school year and you’re looking forward to everything but … having to keep records and create a portfolio.  This year, to your homeschool portfolios, add some photos and fun! How do you know what … Continue reading

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Take the Home Out of Homeschooling

I once joked that our homeschool group took the “home out of homeschooling.” That year we offered so many activities that families could be more outside the home than in, if they did everything! For a new homeschooler, it could … Continue reading

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Homeschooling High School: Credits, transcripts, and requirements! Oh my!!

How do I keep it all straight and how do I know if I’m doing it right? Well, the first thing is lots of prayer. Seriously. Once you’ve asked God for His help, then you need to ask the people you know for their help. … Continue reading

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Academics Aren’t Everything: Character

I was going through some of my old homeschooling files and came across a list from fifteen years ago(!) of skills, character traits, or abilities I wanted my child to learn in preparation for adulthood. Before you read any further, … Continue reading

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Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July! On Independence Day, we celebrate the birth of our nation. We remember the sacrifices of those who have worked hard, fought, or even lost their lives for the freedoms we enjoy. Even as I wrote that … Continue reading

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