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Favorite Resources: Great Courses High School History DVDs

Ready, Set, Go! Less than two weeks ago, I decided to go back to school for my Masters degree. An online program, my first class began yesterday. “What was I thinking?!?” has become my new mantra. I’m excited but nervous. … Continue reading

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A New Logo: Growing Up

Today, I’m excited to reveal a new logo. Cool, isn’t it? And it didn’t cost me a dime – unless you count the food and clothing purchased, the electricity and water used, and nine months of pregnancy, several hours of … Continue reading

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Be Careful What You Don’t Wish For

There are some weeks (or days, or months, or years!) that are so memorable that I think I should have a scrapbook, memoir, or maybe even a movie of my life so I don’t forget them. Sometimes they are memorable … Continue reading

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A New Squirrel

Today, we were on the way home from church when I was complaining about my family’s lack of communication. “I thought about it” is a common phrase in our house. They think about it, whatever “it” is, but never actually … Continue reading

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