A New Squirrel

Short attention span pieToday, we were on the way home from church when I was complaining about my family’s lack of communication. “I thought about it” is a common phrase in our house.

They think about it, whatever “it” is, but never actually say anything. I often find myself finding out about things just before they happen or when it’s too late. Nothing seems to help motivate my introverted, introspective family members to speak up.

What is this disconnect between brain and mouth? Now, don’t get me wrong; it’s probably better that they don’t say EVERYTHING they think of, but a little more would help.

“We think about it. We just get distracted,” they answered.

“Squirrel!” I said—the universal word for “I’ve been distracted.” One family member, who shall remain unidentified, replied, “I think I’ve gone past ‘squirrel.’”

Hmm …  what is worse than squirrel? “Pie!” I commented. I really don’t know where “pie” came from. We’re not a big pie eating family, but there it was.

“Pie is more distracting than squirrels,” was another family member’s reply. Everyone SILENTLY nodded in agreement.

And with that, we were “squirreled” or “pied” away to the topic of lunch. No conclusions, no lessons learned, just a moment in time and a new code word. Could it be the new “squirrel”?

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1 Response to A New Squirrel

  1. Val says:

    Reminds me of the portion of the Golf Tournament I was watching yesterday when Tiger Woods was on a green getting ready to putt and a “squirrel” came scampering on the green, and literally did NOT seem to know what he was doing or which way he wanted to go!! Held up play for about 5 minutes!!! He had quite the audience to say the least.


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