A New Logo: Growing Up

Today, I’m excited to reveal a new logo. Cool, isn’t it? And it didn’t cost me a dime – unless you count the food and clothing purchased, the electricity and water used, and nine months of pregnancy, several hours of labor, and eighteen years of parenting. But, we don’t count that – LOL. This wonderful logo was created by my daughter Emily.emily both

One week from today, Emily starts her degree in Web Design at a local college and my son Taylor continues his degree in Digital Media. We’re just a family of computer geeks and it’s definitely rubbed off on our children. This is AWESOME, because they are learning many things I would love to know about digital media and design. Although, at times, it is a little humbling, I love when my children know more than I do about something. After all, isn’t that one of our goals for our children, to go beyond what we’ve accomplished?

This week I spoke to a young man who had three small children. When I mentioned I had just “retired” from homeschooling after fifteen years, he commented that he wasn’t really looking forward to the day when his children would be grown. Although I completely understand how he was feeling and I am, at times, nostalgic for the “old days,” I LOVE having adult children. It’s not just because I can ask them to do work for me for free (ha ha), but because I love to see the people they have become and are still growing to be. I love having meaningful conversations about the world and all its craziness. I love watching the same TV shows, listening to the same music, and having them suggest books they have read. I love going out to dinner together. I love laughing together, and we do that often. Like any stage of life, this one has its pluses and minuses, but I love it and I’m thrilled to be a parent of two wonderful young adults. They are growing up.

taylor bothSome of you who have read this far, may feel like that young man. Others of you are counting the days until your children are grown and wondering if there is a way to speed up time. Regardless of where you are in life or how old your children are, enjoy your children today. Enjoy who they are, enjoy spending time with them, talking with them, and loving them. If you are a homeschooler, you have been blessed with an amazing gift of more than the average amount of time with your children. It may not always feel that way, but the memories you are building and the adults you are “growing” are worth every minute. Enjoy the journey!

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4 Responses to A New Logo: Growing Up

  1. Katie says:

    Thanks for the encouragement. I am just about to start homeschooling (I think) and its fun to hear from someone who has grand memories of the experience. Congrats on your kids accomplishments!


    • bethanyd says:

      Welcome to homeschooling! Although it wasn’t always easy (that may be an understatement – lol), I wouldn’t trade our adventure for the world. Enjoy!


  2. Sara R says:

    I really like your new logo. Your daughter did a beautiful job.
    As far as my children go I am really trying hard to enjoy life where we are at now. I just find that at the moment (say the last week and a half,) having to share a bedtime with a three, two, and seven month old is making eager for the next step. 😉


    • bethanyd says:

      I can definitely understand that. Every age has its challenges and it sounds like you have your hands full! Consider writing down the things your kids do and say that make you smile or make you laugh. I wish I had kept a better record of those kinds of things. Even now, they enjoy hearing stories of what they did when they were little and I enjoy reliving some of those moments 🙂 Give them a hug and know that some day, you’ll be glad to be going to bed before they do!


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