Teaching is cool!

file0001694774604You might say teaching is in my blood; whether it’s history, science, the Bible, or soccer, I love teaching. When I was in 9th grade, I got my first teaching “gig” in children’s church. I can remember teaching eleven two-year-olds all by myself. Today, we would never even let an adult take on a two-year-old class without help! But, things were different thirty years ago. Since then, I have found somewhere to teach wherever I was and wherever life took me.

For the last fifteen years, I have had the ultimate teaching gig of teaching my own two children. And when you homeschool, you often are teaching more than just your own. I have taught classes in electricity, soccer, physics, world history, American history, government, finance, plants, animals, rocketry, music theater, drama, computers, and more – I came up with 41 different topics that I could remember.

So, now what? I thought about continuing to teach homeschool students, but my full-time job makes it difficult. Maybe I just need to take a break from teaching? Well… that lasted for two months and I got bored. I even started my Masters in Education to further what I know about teaching. But… I still missed actually teaching.

Craft Pic_03 Mar Week 4

So, for the last few weeks, I have been teaching four-year-olds in children’s church and I love it. I find myself telling my family stories of the children I meet each week. I wake up thinking about the lesson and wondering what I could have done better. In my mind, I run through mental photos of each of the children in the class and recite their names.

Not everyone loves teaching and that’s OK. But, I have also met some people who think they can’t do it. Maybe they think teaching requires formal education or maybe they are afraid they won’t do a good job. For those who do try and who are willing to ask for advice, they do a great job. Above all, teaching requires caring about people.

Find the age group that you enjoy most, whether it is preschool, elementary, middle school, high school, college and career, or adult, and consider teaching somewhere, wherever you are and wherever life has taken you. If you’re not ready to teach, then volunteer to help a teacher. Along the way, I have had some great helpers and they can make a difference between an OK class and a great class.

Teaching takes you outside yourself and requires you to pour yourself into the life of another person. It is awesome and amazing. Teaching is cool!

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