Teaching Reading Through Movement

Good day everyone!

If you’re reading this post, I would LOVE for you to post a comment, even if it’s just to say you were here. If you’re willing, let me know who you are, whether you are a parent, homeschooler, and/or teacher, and the age of the children you teach. Do you have any particular questions or areas where you are seeking ideas? Let me know 🙂

Today’s post will be a little shorter than usual. My daughter and I are planning to visit our homeschool group for their Thanksgiving party today.

Veterans-Day-imageFirst of all, a HUGE thank you and God bless to our veterans. They deserve our ever-lasting gratitude. Take some time out of your day today to talk about Veterans’ Day with your children/students. Check out my Memorial Day page for some activity ideas.

I recently had a fellow educator ask me for suggestions for adding movement in her preschool classroom. The aim is teaching reading through movement. Here are some of the suggestions I gave her. What else would you suggest? What activities have you done to help your children or students learn to read? Any favorite books or curriculum? Alphabet Soup

  • Spell out words with their bodies (kind of like the motions to the song YMCA).
  • Make a story fishing game – put several words that could be used to make a story on paper fish. Place a paper clip on each fish and then make fishing rods with magnets on the end. Allow a few children to “catch” a fish and then make a sentence or story out of the words that are caught. You can make it more complicated by placing nouns on one color fish, adjectives on another color, etc. Then, have children catch certain colors.
  • Write each letter for a word on a separate piece of paper. Give the papers to children to hold as the other children sound out the word. Depending on the age, you could mix up the letters and have the children get them in order.
  • When my kids were young, they loved rhyming words. Write two words that rhyme on a sheet of paper. Cut a jagged or wavy line between the two words. Make several sets, cutting a different jagged line on each paper. Give each child a word (making sure someone else has the rhyming word). On your signal, everyone has to find their partner (the child whose word rhymes with theirs). They should be able to confirm they have their match if the lines on their papers match. Play as long as you like 🙂
  • Alpha-Bits cereal used to be a winner. It’s hard to find sometimes. Cheeze-It has crackers with letters now. There are also alphabet pasta.
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2 Responses to Teaching Reading Through Movement

  1. Great ideas! I have pinned this to my “education” Pinterest board.


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