Plants Crafts

Plants, trees, and flowers. So much to learn and crafts are a great way to learn about God’s creation. Here are some simple crafts for kids who are ages 1-3.
– Keep the steps simple, usually three steps or less.
– Add textures such as cotton balls, fabric, yarn, pom-poms, and tissue paper.
– Include stickers or ink stamps and don’t forget the glue or glue sticks!

Craft Pic_04 April Week 2 without poem

Fingerprint Tree
For larger classes or if your time is limited, trace an arm/hand on a page of construction paper. For small groups, take the time to trace each child’s arm/hand onto the paper. Have children press their fingerpad into an ink pad and press it on the paper many times for leaves. Add flower stickers for extra decoration.



Craft Pic_03 Mar Week 3

Paper Plate Tree
* Can be used for the story of Zacchaeus or Moses and the Burning Bush.
Cut two pie-shaped pieces out of an unwaxed paper plate. Give children squares of green construction paper, tissue paper, or crepe paper to add leaves.


  • Use larger squares of tissue paper and have children crumple them before gluing them to the tree.
  • Use orange, red, and yellow paper squares Moses and Burning Bush Craft Picturefor fall or for the burning bush.
  • Interested in Moses? He’s made from a toilet paper roll, peach felt (square for face and circle for hand), brown construction paper, cotton balls, and a brown pipe cleaner for a staff. Download template for cloak here.

2 Responses to Plants Crafts

  1. Robin says:

    hi, I love this craft
    can u tell me how you made the Moses? he is Adorable!!!!


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